Everyone has a past! Don’t let it determine your future

Bill Gates -  Arrested in Albuquerque 1977, for running a stop sign and driving without a license

Bill Gates – Arrested in Albuquerque 1977, for running a stop sign and driving without a license

Everyone has a past!  Don’t let it determine your future!  

If you wanted to dig deep enough you would find situations and events on everyone that they would:

  1. be proud of
  2. be ashamed of
  3. “one day we’ll sit back and laugh at this”

A little while ago there was a politician who was being “mediarised” (I just invented that – feel free to spread it around.  Don’t forget you heard it here first).  He was given a fair amount of backlash because it was found out that he tried/used a relatively harmless drug when he was young, and now everyone was questioning his ability to hold a seat in parliament.

FOR GOODNESS SAKE!  Almost everyone has tried some kind of drug at least once – even I have, despite my strict, unadventurous upbringing.

The thing is, even if you live a completely righteous  existence it doesn’t mean that no-one will point a finger at you for something.  Everyone has different ideas on what is right and what isn’t and many are quick to point fingers at another person’s misdemeanour’s.


It takes the heat off them.  Usually the person pointing the finger has far more to hide.

So what if the person near you has a dirty past.  Does that mean that they should be guilty of that crime forever?  Those experiences are a product of who we were at that particular moment.  The real important factor is WHO IS THIS PERSON NOW?

I’m sure you have something you have done that you may have been better off not doing.  Should the world hold it against you twenty years later?

So many people have become very good at holding a grudge – including spouses ……. especially spouses!  “You always…..”  “You never……”

Is there an issue you need to let go of?  Are you allowing your spouse/partner the space to have learned from their mistake and move on?  Do you keep bringing up issues that have been discussed to completion before?

It’s time to let them go!  Time to let your partner off the hook!

While you’re at it, are you pointing fingers to take the heat off of yourself?  Time to bring these issues to light.

Time to forgive yourself and LET THEM GO FOREVER!