About Eliza Rose Coaching

Never mind what about us, there are many Life Coaches and programs available to help you be a better version of yourself.  What you really need to know is


And more importantly still, is what is it about us that other coaches send their clients to us when they get stuck.

FUN  That’s easy for me to say, now that I know what I know and all of the shit that I experienced to arrive at this space but life hasn’t always been peachy and happy.  In fact I will go one step further and say that, sometimes life really sucked!  I may have been a Life Coach academically, but on the inside I was broke and had clients keeping away from me in droves.

Liz Jackson, Director and Facilitator of Eliza Rose Coaching, has unlocked secrets that it seems, many coaches and healers just don’t seem to grasp.  When others are saying they take a holistic approach to your health, Liz took a different view of what natural healing is.  To Liz, setting task after task, limiting your favourite foods and trying to convince you that the green uber “healthy” superfood concoction is tasty is not what health is.  If you need to be convinced that a drink is good, then a) you won’t do it long term and b) making you drink aweful cow food is not fun or natural.  So why do it? There is a MUCH better way.


FLAIR:  Here at Eliza Rose Coaching we do things differently.  We are creative beings, which comes from IN-spiration.  You can follow the crowd but what if the crowd is heading towards doom and boredom – like exercising your butt off, eating food that makes you cringe and working at a job you dislike, with people that piss you off.  That is not what life is about!

FABULOUS:  A Fabulous Life is about creating the life you want, eating the foods that make your heart sing and having the cash to buy what you want without having to ask how much it costs.

Experience can make you wise!  It can only make you wise if you take heed of the lessons as they come.  The team at Eliza Rose Coaching have been thrown some huge curve balls and through these experiences, have glimpsed just a fraction of how limitless the Universe is –

  • In healing us
  • In guiding us
  • In giving us the things we desire

With Eliza Rose Coaching you get the kind of healing that few can provide.  Freedom from conventional healing methods and the expected deterioration of the body that is the belief of many.  Naturally thin, naturally healthy and naturally wealthy.  This is your birthright, and our programs help you return to these ways in the fastest, easiest manner available.

Our products and services are of the highest, most potent available so when you realise that you are capable and deserve more than what this life has dished up for you then check us out, and see how we can help you rise up, to be the best YOU possible.

A Fabulous Life!


Liz Jackson