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Is having too much money actually keeping your bank account empty? What if you had loads of money?  What would you do with it? I recall part of a movie called “21”, where six MIT students were trained to become experts in card counting.  This caused a new problem for […]

Is a TOO MUCH MONEY problem keeping you without enough ...

Integrity of healing someone without their knowledge A message on Facebook came onto my timeline, where a desperate father asked all people he knew to put it out into the community for help with his late teenage daughter, who had just tried to commit suicide for the third time. Sometimes […]

Integrity of healing someone without their knowledge

Live your Life without Limits retreat. Liz Jackson from Eliza Rose Coaching helps women to be their own leader
What does success look like to you? This question was posed this morning on a FaceBook group I’m in. While I was typing my reply the curser disappeared for the six hundredty millionth time since I bought my laptop.  My wrists hover over the mouse so low over the mouse […]

Success begets Success

I’ve had a few clients come for healing with me recently because they have been concerned for the way their parent lived in their older years and they don’t want to repeat their patterns. In cleaning up the parent’s house they find a drawer full of different bottles and pills […]

Your Personal & Financial Health is easier than you have ...

I used to be a perfectionist!  (Actually a Psychic once told me I was Anal Retentive – not just a Perfectionist.)  I learned how to do things and when I wasn’t taught, I put/did things a certain way that suited me because it was efficient in its execution &/or presentation.  […]

English and Grammar – Setting the Standard

What I noticed about this photograph is that the way forward seems to be dark and stormy, while the view in the rear view mirror seems clear and bright.  So much so that sometimes we wish we could go back to those brighter times. While it seems that the view ahead looks uninviting it […]

The Way Behind is Clear

We live in a society where we are expected to give information away in order to buy loyalty, but those who discount their prices so that people will look at their product or service do so because they don’t have the faith that their service or product will sell at […]

Are You Buying Your Customers

What is the alternative name we give it?  “Old Timers” disease. Back in my day we used to …… We’ve heard the same stories over and over but to a person in their aging years, those stories may be all they have. Now feeling old and limited they may feel that […]

Why do people get Alzheimer’s?

As you go about your day some things/people/words will jump out at you.  You will NOTICE them. Here’s an example:  Last night I watched a television show where a certain person was portrayed at a rich, greedy person.  I was happy at his failings because he didn’t treat people well […]

The mirror of you

“Everyone is a Winner” When we think about school children and how new rules have been made so that ”every child is a winner” and no-one is a loser we must accept that some children are still not as capable in one or two areas and will still feel like losers against those who excel […]

Everyone is a Winner – there are no losers