We’ve created many ways for you to have A FABULOUS LIFE

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These four Books are just a small example of how you can:

  • enjoy better relationships

  • enjoy the festive season

  • enjoy your food and have more time for you

  • enjoy reading the answers to the questions of life, The Universe and everything



How to Live with your Partner – And STILL be Happy:   There is no magic formula to a perfect relationship but there are many factors that can allow the dynamic to flow more easily and this eBook provides many examples of how it can work for you.  It is also a workbook, meaning there are exercises for you to complete, which will allow you to delve into yourself, and your relationships with others, in a proactive way.  Then, in a few years time, you can do the exercises again, from the perspective of who you are at that time.   What a wonderful gift to yourself!

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How to Survive Christmas:  I once had a woman tell me that she would save up all year so she could go on holiday at Christmas time just so she didn’t have to be with her family.  There is nothing wrong with this and there is nothing right about it.  It just IS the way she likes to live her life and that is the magic of a happy life.  This eBook is about how to have the life you want to live, and not live to other people’s expectations.

You can purchase this book now on our products page.


Five Reasons Why You NEVER Have To Diet Again:  I provide this eBook for free because I want to open your eyes to a new way of thinking.  Actually, it’s not that new!  It’s just that we have followed other people (?experts) to their viewpoints and ways – even though they really don’t suit us.  Inside this eBook I explain the reasons we have been led astray and why they don’t even make sense.

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Understanding The Universe And Creating A Fabulous Life, by Liz Jackson, answers the questions you have been asking about life, the Universe and everything.

Understanding The Universe and Creating A Fabulous Life :  During my years as a Medical Intuitive and Healer for myself and my clients, I have been discovering the bottomless pit of ways that our soul and sub-conscious teach us and assist us to overcome life’s obstacles and learn how we can reach our potential.

There is so much that would help us all to have a better life and I, seeing as I have heard so many of the questions over and over, and I read so many things on social media that tell me that people are still searching for the truth.  Truth is actually variable.  This book is the truth as I have discovered from my millions of questions to God/The Universe/Source and my soul.

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