Eliza Rose Coaching shows you how to have your natural body in the most natural way. No dieting
It’s no coincidence that you have found this post!  You are ready for permanent weight loss and it’s this reason that your soul has searched for the answer and found it here. Our souls connect with the energy that is required to meet with the energy of your desired outcome.  Like […]

REAL Permanent Weight Loss

Healing what you thought couldn't be healed with natural healing
Healing what you thought couldn’t be healed with natural healers I’ve been healing myself and others, for a number of years now and I was frustrated to find that healing on some of my clients was successful and long term but others didn’t show the results for very long, if […]

Healing the Unhealable

Your Body Wants to Heal You.  And it can do so, Very Fast! Did you know that the speed in which your body heals is so phenomenal that if a bone breaks and Doctor’s can’t get to it to set it in the right spot quick enough, it will start […]

Fast Healing

How to create the perfect combination to achieve success.  Energy and Determination will get you to where ever you want to be and afford you what ever you want to achieve. I’ve been lazy and tried to do things in the easiest, least use of energy possible and to an […]

The Perfect Combination – Energy and Determination

What is the alternative name we give it?  “Old Timers” disease. Back in my day we used to …… We’ve heard the same stories over and over but to a person in their aging years, those stories may be all they have. Now feeling old and limited they may feel that […]

Why do people get Alzheimer’s?

Everyone has a past!  Don’t let it determine your future!   If you wanted to dig deep enough you would find situations and events on everyone that they would: be proud of be ashamed of “one day we’ll sit back and laugh at this” A little while ago there was […]

Everyone has a past! Don’t let it determine your ...

I have a friend who recently lost her job.  I have coached her before on this matter as she used to go for jobs in what she knew she could do even though it is not what she wanted to do as a career. She had spent many years in […]

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