Lose weight with the Success Signature Switch for Weight I created the Success Signature Switch for Weight so that every person could easily get back to their natural size by changing their beliefs, letting go of inhibiting rules and sabotages. Most people would not even know that all of this exists underneath […]

Success Signature Switch for Weight

How to Switch your Signature to Success Why is it that some people can virtually open their wallet and money falls in, while some people work really hard and still struggle to pay their bills? The people around us may not be affluent and with parents who scrape by, we […]

How to Switch your Signature to Success

I used to be a perfectionist!  (Actually a Psychic once told me I was Anal Retentive – not just a Perfectionist.)  I learned how to do things and when I wasn’t taught, I put/did things a certain way that suited me because it was efficient in its execution &/or presentation.  […]

English and Grammar – Setting the Standard

As you go about your day some things/people/words will jump out at you.  You will NOTICE them. Here’s an example:  Last night I watched a television show where a certain person was portrayed at a rich, greedy person.  I was happy at his failings because he didn’t treat people well […]

The mirror of you

There are many people who are humble however, as they have learned the trait from a parent their understanding of the word and the representation of the act may not have been adequately conveyed and at some point has reduced to self-deprivation. It is honourable that they don’t want to be […]

What’s In It For Me

You probably don’t not realise but you may be sabotaging yourself so that you never get the very thing you want. You’ve heard people talk about sabotages and you’ve had a quick glance at your life as you are reading this and thought, nope, not me!  I’m okay! At this point […]

How are you Sabotaging your Success

I saw this post on Facebook and it explains perfectly, what I have been doing.  Read now and I’ll explain after. Keanu Reeves writes.. “My friend’s mom has eaten healthy all her life. Never ever consumed alcohol or any “bad” food, exercised every day, very limber, very active, took all […]

Taste The Good Life

I coached a woman who is from a Greek family.  There is a lot of tradition in this business but it struggles.  Her parents still work in it and she feels she is stuck and can’t make changes while they are there.  But she can’t throw them out as that […]

Making money when you’re bogged down in years of tradition

I had a history of food ending up on my shirt after a meal.  Was I clumsy?  Was I a grot? No matter how hard I tried I would still end up with a splotch here or a dibble there. So why is that some people can splash their food […]

The Ego has Crashed

In the movie What the *&$% do we know, they say that we can be addicted to certain feelings that may not suit us. Why would we want to feel unhappy? Why would we want to cry? Why would we want to injure ourself? Anyone in their right mind would […]

Happy Cat has run out of Happy