Purpose in Life

Eliza Rose Coaching helps you learn if you help or hinder someone's success
When you see someone who is sad or distressed do you HELP OR HINDER? What is your reaction to someone who is upset?  Do you swoop in and try to fix them? Many people want to make everything right but what is their motivation and how is it received? Is […]

Help or Hinder

Happiness brings affirmations to life. Liz Jackson from Eliza Rose Coaching explains
 I love when I’m in a healing session and the client’s soul shows me a really playful message.  Emotional Success is triumphing over our feelings to attract our desires. The soul is having this earthly experience so that it can feel.  In the Ether it has all knowledge and understanding […]

Emotional Success

Live your Life without Limits retreat. Liz Jackson from Eliza Rose Coaching helps women to be their own leader
What does success look like to you? This question was posed this morning on a FaceBook group I’m in. While I was typing my reply the curser disappeared for the six hundredty millionth time since I bought my laptop.  My wrists hover over the mouse so low over the mouse […]

Success begets Success

What is the alternative name we give it?  “Old Timers” disease. Back in my day we used to …… We’ve heard the same stories over and over but to a person in their aging years, those stories may be all they have. Now feeling old and limited they may feel that […]

Why do people get Alzheimer’s?

“Everyone is a Winner” When we think about school children and how new rules have been made so that ”every child is a winner” and no-one is a loser we must accept that some children are still not as capable in one or two areas and will still feel like losers against those who excel […]

Everyone is a Winner – there are no losers

There are many people who are humble however, as they have learned the trait from a parent their understanding of the word and the representation of the act may not have been adequately conveyed and at some point has reduced to self-deprivation. It is honourable that they don’t want to be […]

What’s In It For Me

Most people will tell you WHAT they do for a living – “I am a carpenter”, “I am a secretary”.  They will tell you the reason they do carpentry or secretarial work is because that’s what they are trained to do.  They may even say that “I became a carpenter because […]

Your WHAT and Your WHY

You probably don’t not realise but you may be sabotaging yourself so that you never get the very thing you want. You’ve heard people talk about sabotages and you’ve had a quick glance at your life as you are reading this and thought, nope, not me!  I’m okay! At this point […]

How are you Sabotaging your Success

Until recently, I had always been overweight as an adult, hovering around a hundred kilograms (about 122lbs).  I realised that by letting go of all the reasons I put on weight then I would naturally let go of the weight and return back to my natural size.  Something interesting happened when I […]

Love the one in the Mirror

  Imagine an apple right now! How many uses does this apple possess?  It can be: Eaten as a snack, or even a meal if necessary Cooked into myriad ways to enhance an existing meal Juiced for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages The main object in many games The subject of […]

What if the apple were only a seed?