Emotional Success

 I love when I’m in a healing session and the client’s soul shows me a really playful message.  Emotional Success is triumphing over our feelings to attract our desires.

The soul is having this earthly experience so that it can feel.  In the Ether it has all knowledge and understanding but to experience life or feel emotions it must take on an Earthly existence – including what we consider negative emotions, such as sadness, depression, pain and loss.  It doesn’t care which it experiences as long as it gets to experience, as often as possible during its time here.

What you desire is attracted to volume of energy!  This is why affirmations often don’t work.   We say the words of the affirmation, over and over but we don’t usually put any substance to them.  Put some feeling into your words.

Smiley faceWould you rather have something fun for it to feel – the laughter and joy, or would you prefer some kind of pain. If you don’t initiate the experience you want it will continue what it has been doing – just to have an experience.  Otherwise it has wasted this lifetime on Earth.

So when you set goals, think of how you will feel when you successfully achieve it – link it with successful feelings that you have experienced in the past so your soul recognises the emotion you want, and is motivated to give you what you are asking for.

This means that the Law of Attraction works on the volume of energy and the type of emotion you attach to your desired outcome.  When you exude lots of high energy towards something you attract it quicker.

Try it for yourself so you can attract A Fabulous Life!