English and Grammar – Setting the Standard

I used to be a perfectionist!  (Actually a Psychic once told me I was Anal Retentive – not just a Perfectionist.)  I learned how to do things and when I wasn’t taught, I put/did things a certain way that suited me because it was efficient in its execution &/or presentation.  Clearly, everyone who did it differently to me, was wrong and I needed to point that out.  Sometimes I needed to let others know of the situation that was, including all names and places (just to be accurate) and so they could learn from the example.

Can I just say that this is not a good conversation piece to an audience that you want to have as friends.  Who wants to be friends with someone who tells you that you are wrong, and also tells everyone else about this error.

EGO tells people how things should be.  It is saying that I am right and everyone else wrong, and that they should THINK and DO the way I do.  That’s is trying to control your surrounds, bringing everyone else up to your standards.

But what if your standards are wrong?  What if they don’t suit everyone else? 


There are a many people who get quite worked up when spelling and grammar are not perfect on posts and articles, but who said that their acceptance of the spelling and grammar are correct?  We are taught a certain way but what is right in some schools, states, countries may differ to others, and then, who says that they are right?  They are generally accepted as correct according to a couple of dictionaries but who decided that THEY were right?

Nothing is universally true!  It is the truth for you.

The Queens English presents the short version of mother as mum.  Australia is mostly derived from England so they follow their spelling and grammar, but I notice that Americans use Mom and when I was a perfectionist I had some difficulty when this came up.  Here is the thing though,  It makes sense on so many levels.  The spelling of Mother uses the “o”, so why shorten it with a “u”.  The pronunciation sounds a little like the “u” however, the word “brother” is also spelled with an “o” and sounds the same but is shortened with “bro”

So who is right?

For this reason I say that there is no right or wrong.  Everything just “is”.

The more a person gets worked up over right and wrong is just twisting themselves in knots and for no reason.  Being right-eous has no merit and the quicker you can let go and let it be, the happier you will be.