Everyone is a Winner – there are no losers

“Everyone is a Winner”

When we think about school children and how new rules have been made so that ”every child is a winner” and no-one is a loser we must accept that some children are still not as capable in one or two areas and will still feel like losers against those who excel at them.   This is where teachers and parents must do more to help them realise that doesn’t make them a failure.

The “rule” has created some backlash so I wanted to bring a few things to light, that the critics of this rule may not have considered.

The thing about school is results and marks and scores are counted as pass or fail while, in real life, half of the population bloom from the right brain, which is about colour, design and creation.  This does not easily fit in with scoring a B+ or an F, because it is a matter of taste.  School is not about taste, it is about pass or fail and getting good grades…….not only for the student, but also for the school.  The school has to attract funding and this is difficult to achieve showing a canvas with pretty colours and design on it, or by producing “not-winners”.

Chess - What's your game The good thing about the school system is that everyone has the opportunity to try everything.  A person may not realise that they are good at something until they have been exposed to it.  And if the school shall deem the child an acceptable pass, after the fourth try, then he too, can be a winner.

When it comes to the real world everyone has an adapting period even the high achiever. The person who got an A in the theory of boiling an egg, still might not physically be able to boil the perfect egg in the workplace, until he has practised and practised.

The child therefore, who finished school feeling a little downtrodden by a system that was based on good grades may enter the work force finding his creative brilliance shine and making a real difference, while the person who excelled at school with high marks in academia, and recognised as a top student, may now find those marks don’t translate to usable skills in the work force.  His spirit is somewhat crushed to find that he has to start at the bottom of the pecking order of a company that doesn’t see him as the “winner” that he was at school.

Money buys lots of fabulous things but one of the highest values we can possess does not seem to be taught in school


EVERYONE is a winner at something!  If you follow someone else you will always be comparing yourself to that person.  You will constantly be looking at how others are doing things and feel inadequate if you cannot do it as well.

If you didn’t excel at school then you probably weren’t showing your full potential in your natural areas.  The best thing about life is that you can start doing this at any time.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE!  Carve your own niche and strive to be better only than the person you were yesterday.  This brings self-satisfaction.

NOTHING is better than self-satisfaction.  Now THAT’s a Fabulous Life!