Fast Healing

Your Body Wants to Heal You.  And it can do so, Very Fast!

Did you know that the speed in which your body heals is so phenomenal that if a bone breaks and Doctor’s can’t get to it to set it in the right spot quick enough, it will start to set as it is. Then your body will make adjustments in other areas to compensate and create a new balance. A doctor may have to break the bone again so it can be set the right way.

Your body want to be healthy and correct, but it (our sub-conscious) sends us messages that sometimes cause a pain, or a break or skin irritation. Are you listening to what your sub-conscious is telling you? Because, while you are in your blissful ignorance of the true reason for your health issue, your body is making compensations for the original message not being received. This means that now you will have two issues instead of the one. We sometimes call this “growing old”.

We have grown to accept ailments happening to us, and even make our own compensations, such dieting, wearing glasses or taking medication, long term.

Eliza Rose Coaching presents the phenomenal, three day workshop Easy Natural Weight, where you will learn how to read the messages, and throw away your glasses forever; lose weight – even while enjoying all of the foods you like; and never have to worry about all of the “Superbugs” going around.
CLICK HERE to see when Easy Natural Weight workshop is near you.  If it isn’t, let me know you are interested so I can schedule one close.