Last year I saw a great idea that I thought I might incorporate into my life.   It’s called a Gratitude Jar!  Every day you write down on a single piece of paper something you are grateful for that day.   Put as much feeling and sense of gratitude and appreciation with it – as if enveloping the note with the sense of gratitude.  Then fold it up and add it to the jar.


We are not always in a happy, everything is peachy frame of mind!  Sometimes shit happens and your smile can turn upside down – no matter who you are!  At these times you can pick up one of the notes and remember that time when you wrote it.  Allow those happier feelings to overwhelm your negative state and look for positive around you.

It’s harder to find a solution to any problem in a negative state so if you have a problem or “shit” keeps piling on you then here is a way you can pull yourself out of it – if you want to.  (You have the choice to just stay in your crappy mood but that doesn’t help you or anyone else so do everyone a favor and try this exercise) You’ve probably already used every expletive under the sun to complain about your situation and you know exactly what is wrong with the situation or issue and dwelling on those bits won’t help you at all so let’s step up one and look for what is not completely rat-shit about it.  After you’ve found a few things which aren’t a complete disaster, let’s step upward one more time and ask “what’s good about this situation or issue” or “what can I learn from this”.

You have the choice of what kind of state you want to be in and how long you want to stay there but if you find it a bit hard to “snap out of it” the Gratitude Jar is useful for this.  Pick out a piece of paper from the jar and, don’t just read it but, take yourself back to the moment that you wrote it and remember all of the senses you felt at that time.

Keep doing that until you feel happier and more grateful.

Remember to add one – how the Gratitude Jar lifts your state – so you can have a Fabulous Life!