Happy Cat has run out of Happy

Happy catIn the movie What the *&$% do we know, they say that we can be addicted to certain feelings that may not suit us.

Why would we want to feel unhappy?

Why would we want to cry?

Why would we want to injure ourself?

Anyone in their right mind would want to be happy, laugh and cruise through life without a  hitch.  Wouldn’t they?

Sure!  Our conscious mind says to step over the big tree root on our path but there is a certain something that our sub-conscious mind gets by kicking the tree root and hurting a toe or two.

Many years ago I heard a lady ask her friend “how are you?”.  Her friend answered “Oh, I had a the worst cold ever – the runny nose, sneezing and just feeling shit”.  Those words stood out to me and I thought “this is how people talk to each other”.  At the time I was a loner so I thought this bit of gold was a key piece in me being able to socialise.

This means that when I spoke in this language of sickness and someone answered there was a part of me that gave a sigh of relief that this method seemed to work.

Of course to get another fix I needed something else to go wrong with me so I created some other problem.  And then the problems weren’t enough they became hard to fix.  They were extraordinary so that I had even more intriguing things to talk about which made people ask more questions.

I WAS HOOKED ON A FEELING!  A little bit was conscious but most of it was sub-consciously.  Your sub-conscious will then find another tree root to kick just so it can get another HIT from telling people about the pain and suffering.

Some people even laugh about it – don’t want to look like a pussy by crying about it!

SO!  We have an addiction!  What can we do about it?  How can we get our happy back?

I became bothered at the fact I kept crying about little things.  It seemed so silly but I couldn’t seem to be able to stop it.

When I felt a negative state or some tears, for god knows what reason, coming on I changed that thought with the song Happy by Pharrell Williams.  This song makes it easy to get into a positive state and have a happier day.  More to the point, it is a pattern interrupt for the addictive behaviour.

Try it!

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