Healing the Unhealable

Healing what you thought

couldn’t be healed with natural healers

Healing what you thought couldn't be healed with natural healing

I’ve been healing myself and others, for a number of years now and I was frustrated to find that healing on some of my clients was successful and long term but others didn’t show the results for very long, if at all.  It didn’t make sense and I had some doubts as to the effectiveness of my healing. How could I offer my services if I couldn’t guarantee my work?

It was especially a problem when I’d written a three day workshop years ago, teaching how to get to your natural size without dieting or exercising, when it was taking ages for any results to show, no matter how much I searched my soul.  It was truly embarrassing and limited my income dramatically.  It was like “two steps forward” and anywhere from one, to three steps back, with extra pains or skin irritations added every now and then.  Things were just not adding up.

Today I realised what was going on.  (I wish I could tell you but that would be like a magician explaining how he did his amazing trick)  All I can say is that if you have had healing on an issue but no-one seems to be able to clear it completely and permanently, book in to see me now.  It is likely the same reason I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.