How are you Sabotaging your Success

You probably don’t not realise but you may be sabotaging yourself so that you never get the very thing you want.

You’ve heard people talk about sabotages and you’ve had a quick glance at your life as you are reading this and thought, nope, not me!  I’m okay!

At this point you have conveniently forgotten how you often complain to your friends that every time you buy something nice for yourself you either lose it or you accidentally break it.  Or how you win or get some extra money but days later you get a bill for the same amount.

Guess what?  That’s a sabotage.  There is no accidents!

Mouse trap target

When we believe we cannot achieve a goal, such a having lots of money or a fabulous life partner, we make excuses in a way that attempts to convince ourselves others that we are happy without them.

eg:  I’m happy by myself – no-one telling me what to do or leave dirty dishes everywhere

or:  All of my bills get paid and I’m happy staying at home – I don’t need to waste money on fancy cars or holidays at some posh resort.  My car gets me from A to B just fine!  Everything is just fine!

What I found today is that every time I was making a lunge for my goal I seemed to have an even bigger sabotage.  (I explain what sabotages are, and how to get rid of them, in my Easy Natural Weight workshop.  To find out more about this fabulous workshop Click Here)

Once a sabotage has been cleared it’s like a turbo booster has been strapped on, zeroing in on the goal.

Would you like more money?  Would you like a life partner?  Would you like a better relationship with the partner you have?  If you say yes to any of these or think you may have a sabotage (or 50) Contact me now.

Have a Fabulous Day!

Photo credit: Galbraith