How Does Kinesiology Work

Back to Natural What is KinesiologySometimes we hear phrases, terms or words for many years and accept them as a part of life but don’t really know what they mean and I believe Kinesiology is one of those terms.

According to the Definition of KINESIOLOGY is:

       1. The study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans.
       2. The application of the principles of kinesiology to the evaluation and treatment of muscular imbalance or derangement.

Perhaps I’m putting myself in too small a box by telling people I do Kinesiology.  In fact I never studied any of them, although I did work as a Physiotherapy Assistant for six years and I am totally fascinated by the human body.

What I do is work with the body to find out WHY it is not working the way it was intended, as it is written in your original blueprint, undo the damage, so that your body can get back to being in its natural state – perfect.


We are influenced by many stimulants:- parents, siblings, school, peers, social media and TV.  In this photo you can see that this lovely old tree has many roots coming from different places around its base and they are looking for more places to get nourishment.  Let’s say that the main trunk is you and although your very core is capable of being nourished, you send roots to go looking for truths, beliefs and values to take on – truths, beliefs and values that must work because they haven’t changed for so long.

The problem with this is that often we copy so many of others ways that we lose sight of who we are at our core.  With no deep foundations we cannot weather the storms of life or behave in ways we aren’t meant to.  We lose our discernment of which are healthy values and truths and which will become nasty weeds that are hard to get rid of.  These nasty weeds are passed down to the next generations and spread far and wide.

By going to a doctor pills and ointments may be administered which can sometimes see the end of the problem.  However, these medications can often appear to help for a short period of time while under the surface they can actually be feeding the problem.

Using a unique testing method the healer can find which roots need to be removed so that the body is released to heal itself naturally.

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