How to become a Clumsy Pessimist

I know some really amazing people.  If you ask them to do anything they will find it their absolute pleasure and are often running or supporting charities and/or offices and busy families.

Why is it then that these people often think so little of themselves and their capabilities?

I have a friend who is such a person and the effects of her lack of self-esteem are evident as you speak with her.  She would be horribly embarrassed as she explains the hole in her stocking and knee is because she fell over on her way to work – again.

Movies and television shows often contribute to the belief by presenting the surreal experience on their programs.

We fear the consequences of carrying a delicate tray over to the other side of the room. The mind just knows that the body will kick something and make it spill.  All attempts by the conscious mind to prevent the ensuing disaster are futile as the inevitable unfolds and the sub-conscious mind silently whispers “I told you that would happen!”

In fact, I just witnessed a tray (unladen fortunately) crash to the floor in the cafe where I write this.  The sound was followed by the waitress saying “I’m so clumsy”.

If I sit on the lounge to watch television for an hour or two, does that make me a lazy lout?

If a child is brought up in a home where the parents are very negative or the child is scorned in an unsupportive way such as “you are stupid” or “clumsy” this becomes locked in.  Eighty percent of your conditioning comes from the first eight years of what you see and hear and you “file” the information away into folders.

If you do something which doesn’t work out properly, or drop something as an adult it triggers the memories from your childhood and your sub-conscious brain adds it to the matching file.  It looks at the file and thinks “It has come up again so it must be true”.

The more you add to this file with your words, “I’m clumsy”, the more your sub-conscious mind believes it must be true.

The more you believe it the more opportunities will arise for you to cement the belief.

It then becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

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