How To Turn Adversity into Opportunity – Take out the Emotion

I often see on my timeline on Facebook that certain events have triggered people to write snide comments that help no-one.  Sometimes the energy in those comments is anger or hate.  What good can come of this?

What if we viewed each situation for what it is, rather than through the goggles of emotion.

Let me explain what I mean.

Through the eyes of emotion we can see a certain situation in America with a new POTUS which had made a decision where, if a person who was born in any of a number of countries that are on a list, even if they had been living in the USA for many years, having established friends, family, career, a mortgage, etc, and they happened to go on a holiday recently, they may be refused entry back into the country to return to their said homes, etc.  A terrible disruption to their lives.

What can I do way over here in Australia.  I can talk about how bad it is, and get really angry in a show of caring about them but really, what good does any of that do anyone?

If I take out the emotion then I can see who needs help and in what way.  I may even see a way to create a new business that creates jobs.  Many businesses create jobs out of adversity.


  • Financial support – I can look for charities or aid to support the families to have places to live and food to eat
  • If I’m not tied down I may go there to support in any way I can
  • I may start a business in a country that is struggling but it may actually stimulate the economy and open many doors for the future

Some of the biggest companies were born through hard times or as a result of solving a problem that the hard times created.

How can you look at “what is” and see the potential for what “could be” and have a Fabulous Life!