I died in my sleep

I heard someone get a little upset one day when they dreamed that they died.  It was a little unsettling the first time I did as well, but let me tell you why it’s a good thing.sleeping-1436721-1280x960 free sxu

It began to dawn on me that dying in your dreams was not a sign that death was imminent when I vividly recalled another two dreams where I killed one of my gorgeous friends.  This friend was quite abundant in her appearance but I had nothing against her so when I shot her in my dream I didn’t understand why.   The next time, again I was horrified as the arrow I had shot flew in slow motion  toward my friend.  I apologised the whole time and as she lay there she said to me “it really doesn’t hurt that much!”

Why did I kill my friend who was such a beautiful soul – twice?  My dream was telling me that a part of me that caused weight gain had died/was now gone, and that letting it go was easy and doesn’t hurt.

Your dreams tell you what is going on in your sub-conscious mind!  I had created a whole lot of shit in my life, especially on and in my body, but I could always find an answer, by the dreams that stood out to me and a few other avenues.  Using these tools we can try to work out what is not working properly and then take steps to make our life better.

Here’s to our dreams and a fabulous life!