Integrity of healing someone without their knowledge

Integrity of healing someone without their knowledge

A message on Facebook came onto my timeline, where a desperate father asked all people he knew to put it out into the community for help with his late teenage daughter, who had just tried to commit suicide for the third time.

Sometimes I pass over these messages because many people have already provided some help, sympathy, or opinion, to the situation and I don’t get involved in these.  This one was different and I felt called to assist.  I connected with the girl’s subconscious and found the reason why she was doing it.  I’d actually had a premonition of this scenario about three days prior, so I knew exactly what to ask and how to correct it.

I posted on the line that I had supported the girl remotely and that she would be okay.  This created a very long string of comments and questions.

One was surprised that I could do this remotely and without actually even speaking to her human – yes, I can

Another questioned my integrity as a healer for intervening, when I wasn’t invited by the actual girl – for this I checked my motives and my integrity, as I had intervened where I wasn’t called once before, and I learned my lesson from it.  In this case I realised I was indeed called.

  • I was called by the father who was out of options.  He had tried Counsellors, Medical professions, Psychiatrists, etc, and fallen short.  He just needed someone who had the ability to help.  As guardian of the girl, until she is mature enough to make decisions for herself, I had his permission to be involved.
  • I asked for permission from her sub-conscious before doing anything.  A person’s soul (sub-conscious) has mature thinking right from conception
  • I was called by the girl’s sub-conscious.  This is why it came across my timeline at that moment.
  • I had been directed by the Universe.  That is why I had the premonition three days prior
  • My motives were pure.  I only stepped in to use my gifts for the highest good of the girl.  I never asked for money or recognition or self-edification.  I even questioned my writing on the post where the call for help was made, to make sure I wasn’t doing it to stroke ego or claim any status that was undeserved.

It’s okay to look at your motives.  Just don’t attack yourself if you have fallen short.  Making mistakes is how you can learn to be better – so you can see what wasn’t the best, or didn’t work for you and you can then do it better next time.

Remember to thank yourself for doing a fabulous job.  I followed my intuition, I checked in with the person before altering, and I did it from a good heart.  I love that I have learnt to do those things and be those things.  Yay me!

That’s why I am enjoying A Fabulous Life!