Is a TOO MUCH MONEY problem keeping you without enough money?

Is having too much money actually keeping your bank account empty?

What if you had loads of money? 

What would you do with it?

I recall part of a movie called “21”, where six MIT students were trained to become experts in card counting.  This caused a new problem for them, because they couldn’t buy new clothes or fancy cars with their new found money – then they would have to explain how they got the money for them.  The same if they put it in the bank.  

So one boy stashed his growing abundance in the ceiling in his dorm room, until some other students stole it from him.  They taunted him about this knowing that he couldn’t go to the police, or anyone, about the theft, even though he knew who took his money, because it was considered illegitimately gained.

A lot of people perceive excessive wealth as illegitimately gained, even if the person was really good at their business and did well.

An inheritance is often seen as an undeserved help-up but what really is undeserved?  It’s nothing but an opinion and opinions are nothing, unless we accept them as something.

Undeserved wealth is “something” to a person who doesn’t have it.  And they grumble and discount someone’s deservedness hoping that somehow it will make them feel okay.

We may watch a movie such as this and, somewhere within ourselves, decide that it’s easier to only have enough for what we need so that no-one steals any extra from us and so we can be “normal”.

There are also plenty of movies and shows where rich people are mocked, stolen from and put under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.  Hiding from the spotlight and blending into the crowd of people who are broke, carries a level of safety and normality, and may satisfy one of our greatest needs – to be accepted.

We don’t want to be lonely and the percentage of rich people to non-rich is about 3%.  Who would their friends be?  That is not talked about as much.  Rich people are perceived as being lonely once the extravagant parties are over.

Abundant wealth is our birthright.  We deserve to be rich – wealthy – have loads of money, however you wish to spin it.  Being poor is unnatural and anything but humble.

Abundant wealth is certainly part of #AFabulousLife!