It’s Okay to be Rich

Dollar SignsIf you ask most people if they would like to win a million dollars they would say “Yes”.  If you talk to them about someone who is rich though, they would probably say things that are a little unkind – wishing for their downfall, or that others should have access, or share in their wealth, or at least for the government to “tax the shit out of them”.

So if you won a million dollars would you want the government to tax the shit out of you?  Would you want to share your wealth with others?  Would you accept that people think negative thoughts about you?  I think you would not.

What’s going on in between these two paragraphs/situations?

I had a friend reveal to me that her husband doesn’t earn much money, while she has an entrepreneurial spirit.  One time they went to a restaurant with some friends and he wanted to pay for everyone…….. with her money.  Was he being generous while she was being selfish, or was he trying to bring her down to his level so that he didn’t feel that she was leaving him behind in her success.

In my quest for a better, happier life I had many realisations, one of which had words screaming in my ears “who are you to be rich and happy when all of our family for generations would just ‘get by’ and basically be lonely and miserable”.

The thing is every person on the planet has the ability and opportunity to be rich and have whatever they desire however, most people aren’t aware of the what is available to them so they make the best of what they know.  It’s only when we compare ourselves to others that we become unsettled because we are left with two choices

  1. Make an extra effort to have more and be more
  2. Complain and try to bring everyone else down to the same level

To limit your potential is like holding yourself back during a race so that everyone can cross the line together.  What’s the point of having a race if everyone is the same?  Imagine if everyone invented something but you don’t want to offend anyone by having a better invention so everyone has to invent the same thing.  What’s the point.  How boring life would be!

Having a happy, fabulous life is about stretching yourself and being self-satisfied with your achievements.  It is the joy of making yourself rich because you realise that no-one has to miss out on being rich just because you are achieving your dreams.

I’ll talk more about the subject of being “rich” in my next blog entry.  In the meantime why not ponder the thought of you reaching a new level of wealth.  Some people have too much difficulty making the jump in their mind of earning a small amount, and then being very rich.  So you can consider what the next level would be for you – a level that would make you comfortable enough to bring it into your reality.

Have a fabulous week!