Just a grain of salt

Sometimes I can be a little bit direct!  I could dance around a subject and ensure that a person’s ego is not bruised but I am human and I’m still learningCriticism is the defence reaction to be better.  This trait can be explained and I do so in my eClasses.

I think that sometimes I expect everyone to understand and accept things with a grain of salt, but that doesn’t seem to happen.  The grain of salt seems more like a huge boulder that people carry around constantly and because they are so burdened by the weight of their troubles they lash out at others easily and quickly.

Sometimes when I’m on Facebook I like to wish people happy birthday – even if I don’t know them.  I congratulate people in their success and I want to know where the awesome picture they have uploaded is from so I can add it to my knowledge bank or my file of awesome pictures.

Today I saw a picture of six men each with a lanyard and a medal.  There was ocean behind them and they were all holding a bottle of beer.  I really wanted to congratulate them and share their happiness so I asked them to label the photo because I didn’t know if they had won a beer drinking contest or some other great feat.  I mentioned that their photo is viewed by more than just their own friends and those in the know.   Their reply was about that they knew what it was for and that was all that mattered, and then they revealed the mystery of the reason for the medals.

If you’re going to put private things in a public space then doesn’t it make sense to put an explanation or label attached to fill in the blanks?

And instead of getting touchy about feedback isn’t it easier to accept it with a grain of salt and learn another possible way to do things that might be more beneficial to everyone?

Perhaps other people do have a way to get a better result.  Perhaps they will actually keep you out of danger with the advice they give.

Listen to what others have to say and be open minded.  If it resonates with you, take it on board.  If not, thank them and go your own way.