Love the one in the Mirror

Until recently, I had always been overweight as an adult, hovering around a hundred kilograms (about 122lbs).  I realised that by letting go of all the reasons I put on weight then I would naturally let go of the weight and return back to my natural size.  Something interesting happened when I started travelling down that road.  If you want to know more go to

While this is mostly the case there was one huge thing that, not only caused the weight problems but affected every aspect of my life.  Lack of LOVE!  This video clip came along at the perfect time!  Everything happens in perfect time!

At some point in our life we chose to stop the love for ourselves.  An event happened or we learnt from a parent or sibling – however it happened,  it changed everything for us.

We believe that we don’t love ourself any more because we are ugly, or because we do weird stuff, or because we repel people, but in actual fact it may have happened the other way around.  Because we lost the love for ourself we began to “prove” it to ourself – causing ugliness to appear: by a eye infection; by kicking our toe a lot; by causing a disease to mark our skin for the long term – psoriasis, sun spots, etc; we just can’t get a good hairdresser any more and …….

Healing can begin by loving ourselves!  Do you dare to look deep into your eyes?  Can you say the words to yourself?

I love you!