Medical Intuitive For Your Business

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 Medical Intuitive For Your Business

Just as a person can have blocks that limit their forward personal development, our business can also be limited by past experiences and beliefs.

For example:    One man was good at making money and went into millionaire status.  Then something happened and he lost it all.   He started again and built up to millionaire status again, until things crumbled and he lost it all a second time.

Through the healing session it was discovered that his father had gained millionaire status and then died soon after.  Out of respect for his father, his sub-conscious never allowed him to over-take his father’s income.  After this was released, the man went on to build his business into the multi-millions.

By connecting with your business, discoveries of limits and issues can come to light and be released so that your business can grow exponentially.  What is it costing you to not know?  How much more money could your business be making?

 A mere $5,000 can uncover many 000’s of dollars of untapped income.


Here’s some testimonials:

Here’s Sara’s words:   MASSIVE thanks to you, Liz!  I’ve been working my way through some money issues that have come up over the past couple months.  When I started on this journey to leave my career and start my own business, I had the mindset that my savings needed to last one year, because I’d be up and running by then. Hitting that year mark AND hitting the wall has been rough. Liz was able to tap into family patterns around money (through a distance session) and talk my higher self through letting go of the programming.  I immediately felt a ball of energy well up in my body that I was able to release…onward and upward from here!

Anna said this:   Well finance have come to a junction of decision. And yes the regret of leaving my job hit hard. However, after all this frustration, disappointment and indecision. …a solution has easily presented itself. I’m now relaxed but motivated to stay moving ahead in my business financially. Ahhhhhh ! feel confident now, thank you so much liz your rating and clearing was brilliant. X

Healing sessions come in a bulk pack of five sessions.  Each session contain a half hour block where the healer connects with your sub-conscious beforehand, to discover the cause, as well as any further messages the sub-conscious needs to communicate.  Then the healer connects with the client to deliver the messages, answer any questions and complete any further points of discussion regarding the complete healing or clearance of the issue.
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