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Smiley faceLimiting beliefs and blockages to our forward personal development often affect the way we interact with other people.   We easily notice the ego driven loud mouth when we see them however, our sub-conscious causes other behaviours which are not as obvious – to us.

Speaking from experience, we find ways to hide if we don’t feel that we are as good at things as the next person, or we may limit how much we go to public places if we are not happy with the way we look.

For Example:  I had been experiencing headaches for many years.  Taking pain killers was a short term fix that over time, became less effective, so I had to increase the dose.

I realised that, when I was little, I would build up a headache through the day and then when my father would come home from work late at night I would go out and tell him I had a headache.  He would sit me on his lap and rub my temples to relieve the headache.  It wasn’t the rubbing of the temples that relieved the headache, it was the time alone with my father, when all of my siblings were in bed.  As the youngest of the family I was starving for the attention of my father so I created the headaches to “legitimately” have a reason to spend those few precious moments with him.

At one point in my adult life I remember thinking that there was no point going for jobs that were better than what I had because I would not work my best when I was under the influence of those regular, debilitating headaches.

Also, this “starving” was the beginning of a mammoth battle with my weight.  The release of these caused me to let the weight go, without changing my diet, and headaches became a thing of the past.


Here’s a couple of recent testimonials:

Katherine said:  Liz Jackson worked with me (and my mummy today just out of the goodness of her heart). I found Liz to be extremely warm and friendly and made us both feel at ease. She was able to get to the route of the problem in a matter of minutes and was spot on !!!! what a wonderful experience just what I needed to here and it’s given me a clear vision of what I need to do !!!! WONDERFUL experience and I am very grateful xxxxx

Yvette said:  Thank you so much Liz for your gift of reaching into my subconscious and clearing patterns I have set up that were sabotaging my life. I can now look forward to living with more balance

Are you letting illness or blockages limit your forward progress?  Book a session now.  Unlike some formal therapies, most healing is quick and can be completely eliminated in one session.  What are you putting up with?

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