Reach Your Potential?

Normal is failure of potential


Many people “go along to get along”.  This will most likely bring the same results for you as it has for everyone else.

For most, that means:

  • struggling to keep the bills paid
  • broken relationships
  • renting or endless mortgages
  • worry
  • etc

Is this the life you have in mind when you think of your future?  Do you even think of the future?

You were put here on this Earth for far more than that.

Eliza Rose Coaching favicon - for a fabulous life You are far better looking than you think!
Eliza Rose Coaching favicon - for a fabulous life You are far more wise than you think!
Eliza Rose Coaching favicon - for a fabulous life You are far more capable than you think!

We have many voices bombarding us with negative messages, which we drink in.

Why do we do this?  It’s because it’s out of the ordinary!   It’s not “normal”!  It’s different than our vanilla lives!

But so are good and happy thoughts.  So why don’t we try to be “not-normal” in good and happy ways?  Reaching our Potential?

There is a very good reason, actually.

It’s because we fear good, happy and success!

It’s not that we fear good, happy and success as an achievement, but more that we fear those who are normal and how they will react to our success.  What will they think of us?  If I’m really excited and they haven’t achieved anything will it make them feel bad?  Will they still like me?

For some reason this seems to be more important than being happy, successful and reaching our potential.  That which we are here on Earth for in the first place.

But now I am going to tell you a secret that will help you put things into perspective.

 The man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.  James Crook.

The people who will support you in whatever you do are the best investment you will ever make for your future.  Another great investment is a group of guiding coaches who are all about success.  Success for you and success for themselves.

When you receive my eClasses you will be guided with a step by step plan to create a future that excites you!  One that helps you to reach your potential.

A future that makes you spring out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to live it!

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to live your life?

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Here’s to your Fabulous Life!