Success begets Success

What does success look like to you?

This question was posed this morning on a FaceBook group I’m in.

While I was typing my reply the curser disappeared for the six hundredty millionth time since I bought my laptop.  My wrists hover over the mouse so low over the mouse pad that it connects and causes my curser to fly off to wherever the arrow/prompt is sitting.

What’s the solution?

What is Success to you?

This is!

I solved the issue with Post It notes.  By putting a piece of paper between the mouse pad/track pad and my wrists there is less contact.  I decided it was a successful strategy and wrote it to remind myself.

SUCCESS can seem so daunting depending on our view of it.  If I view success as a person who has miles of business experience and appears to have loads of money, partners and networks then I may feel overwhelmed by the outcome and believe that I could never achieve that.  And indeed, there are those who still do not view themselves as successful when they have these things – SUCCESS can be assumed as something that is untouchable or out of reach.  If you are constantly trying to go for something that is too big or impossible to obtain then you will always fail.  Failing is depressing and shatters your confidence.

If we set small goals then we can have success every day, like the one I did this morning.   I had an issue that kept annoying me and I searched my whole computer for a way to lock the track-pad but to no avail.  Some people may not even think about solutions, especially ones as simple as this, so I congratulate myself on my success.

  • Acknowledging and appreciating success gives confidence to solve the next issue or puzzle
  • When you are more confident you tackle more things which gives you experience
  • With more experience you attract people who believe in you
  • With confidence, experience and people who believe in you, you attract more clients you who pay you more
  • Then you attract more partners and better networks
  • Which makes you a SUCCESS that others look at in awe

The very same SUCCESS as what seemed so big and un-achievable previously.

So have gratitude for all of your small success, because they lead to bigger successes and this leads to A Fabulous Life!