The Ego has Crashed

20140510_121712I had a history of food ending up on my shirt after a meal.  Was I clumsy?  Was I a grot?

No matter how hard I tried I would still end up with a splotch here or a dibble there.

So why is that some people can splash their food about and come out clean as a horse through a car wash and some can adopt the precision of a surgeon and still come out looking like they’ve been in a food fight?  The reason for my food fight look will become apparent soon – keep reading.

Like everything that doesn’t work the way we want in our lives, there is some wiring in our subconscious that is making rules that don’t suit us.   The EGO wears it like a badge of honour for the world to see.  It must be seen!  Positive or negative the ego will not sit in a corner quietly or patiently.

At some point in my life a person has called me ugly.  At another point someone called me a messy eater (aren’t we all as a kid).  Somewhere else I heard someone talk about their health problems and thought this is how people communicate.  In a bunch of places people talked about being not good enough and, and, and.

All of these things were popular topics of discussion and television viewing and the Law of Attraction brought them to my Subconscious.  The Subconscious takes them on board, making me feel not good enough and ugly, and then the ego broadcasts it to the world – via my skin, or my shirt.


So why do I look like I’ve been in a vat of sauce?  I dropped a tiny little bit of sauce on my shirt.  Instead of being embarrassed and feeding the old feelings of not good enough or ashamed, I had a party and changed my attitude, or my “state”, to happiness and fun.  It breaks the “state” and therefore the pattern.

I picked up my knife, dipped it into the sauce and slapped it onto my shirt.  My man watched with a quizzical surprise at my actions in silence as I took another scoop of sauce and smeared over another clean part of my shirt.  Then I stayed in this shirt for the rest of the day.

Every now and then I would notice it and want to clean it up because I should be embarrassed about it.  I simply looked at it, smiling and yelled “Fuck You!”   This cements the new state replacing the old one.  The words are not ones used all of the time so they, along with some energy, assist in breaking the state.  Kind of like Shock Therapy.  (If you are in an inappropriate place to be using such language, you can yell it silently.  It’s about the energy shift)

What is not working for you?  What would you like to yell “Fuck You!” at so that you can create a new state in place of the old one?  Try it.

Here’s to a Fabulous Life!