The Fight Against A Better Life

Christmas Dinner

Many times there have been photographs on my social media pages depicting; the cruelty of animals, people who have done the wrong thing – who must be named and shamed, and “important” information about someone who is doing wrong by someone.

We all want equality and for everyone to get along, and that anyone who sidesteps from this blissful way should be punished by a some fate worse than death!


The world doesn’t work on one justice system, so what one person thinks is okay and is within the bounds of the law in their country/place, the next person and place may consider it a heinous crime.

As I have been evolving in this human body, and being part of a big Universal existence, I have found that the scorecard is actually frequency.  Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, of which many have been tested exhaustively by the late Dr David R Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force, among other books and publications.  In this book Dr Hawkins describes how our intentions that are force based frequencies have a low vibration.  At these levels we don’t feel good or positive – everything feels hard and motivation is difficult.  As you get into higher frequencies things feel a lot lighter, easier and more fun.  It’s like when you are walking along and a gust of wind almost picks you up and carries you in the direction you are going.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the fairness of the situations depicted in the photographs that come onto my computer screen I have a number of choices that I can make in each situation and they are based on the frequency that each one carries and how it will effect my vibration.

  • There is no doubting that a man harming anyone, man or woman, is not pleasant.  Sending a photo of him to a billion people around the world is not going to make one iota of difference to the man.  However, as a person reads the caption or story and looks at the photo they begin to experience feelings of rage, anger and possibly fear – that the man is out there (somewhere in the world – not likely anywhere near them but possibly near another possible victim) So far – frequency or situation of man has not changed, but hundreds of people who don’t know him or will likely ever be affected by him or able to change anything in the situation, have now lowered their vibration down to the frequencies of blame, anger and fear.  And here is an interesting factor – what if the original photo is not the man who did it or the situation has been incorrectly presented?  Positive outcome or negative outcome?
  • “If you, or someone you know has been affected by cancer, share this and show you care”  These guilt ridden words again, hinder more than they help most of the time.  If you have lost someone you love deeply, due to cancer or other aggressive illness, it can bring back the feelings of loss, dependence and sorrow that they may have already carried for far too long.  Again these vibrations bring your frequency down – there is grieving and then there is wallowing in the feelings.  Never mind the piled-on guilt of not caring if you don’t pass it on.   Positive outcome or negative outcome?  There can be some positive if the person remembers the loved one for the happy memories and the pleasant times they shared.
  • “Fight Obesity.  Pass this on to help fight this problem”  Hmmmm!  And how do you plan to do this?  Or is it just a hope that someone else will and you just wanted to bring it to their attention?  Passing the post on will not help one bit.  When you see “Fight Obesity” does it instil a happiness or other feeling.  Does it fill you with a reminder of where you are at?  Does it make you want to do anything besides reach for a candy bar?  Does it create a feeling of helplessness?  No-one seems to know what can be done about Obesity except for invite jabs from naturally thin people who can never understand what they are going through.  We already talked about what fighting does, and again with the guilt.  Positive outcome or negative outcome?

Some people are against eating animals for any reason or season.  To some it is cruel to shorten their life, to some it is against their religion and to many it’s a tasty treat created for consumption and nutrition of mankind.  No-one is right and no-one is wrong!  The subject and all facets of it change many different frequencies in many ways and the only ones that matters are yours.  How does it make you feel?

There is a new song on the charts now and it is called Fight Song by Rachel Platten.  Some people feel that it will lift them up but it carries such a low vibration that it can never help anyone up from anywhere.  One person wrote about the song:

This reminds me of when I had cancer 2 years ago. And then the part take back my life song reminds me of currently how I’m trying to continue with life. Prove I’m alright reminds me of trying to get people to accept me.

All of these words are about struggle and the song itself basically says:  I’m down as low as low can be with no hope of anything better but I’ll keep fighting.  As a catchy song people will sing along like an anthem, when it is encouraging a feeling of struggling hopelessness.

How can we do this better?  Here are 5 ways to raise your frequency?

  1. Read what lands in front of you.  How does it make you feel?  If it makes me concerned or angry, is there anything I can do about it?  If yes, do it!  If not, delete it from your timeline without sharing it.  If you share it you are sharing the low frequency!
  2. Share the things that make you feel good.  Share your own experiences that make you feel good!  If you did something creative, share it.  Other people will be inspired to be creative as well.
  3. Write down some things that make you feel good – stick pictures of them on a big sheet of cardboard and make a collage, so you can look at it and feel good.
  4. Go out and do something for someone who cannot repay you.  It could be as little as taking out their trash or buying them some flowers if you are able.
  5. Say nice things to yourself as if you are your best friend.  If you can’t be your best friend then how do you expect anyone else to be your friend.

Have a fabulous day – because you can!