The Good,The Bad & The Ugly of Social Media

The GOOD thing about social media is that people who previously didn’t feel strong enough to have their say are now getting up stating their mind.  In the past the people who could say something were those in media positions or those who attracted the media attention by doing or saying something really extraordinary.  It was a very controlled environment and content was screened and edited so that  no-one’s ego would be damaged or be exposed to images which were deemed too horrific to be viewed.

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with people you don’t or can’t see regularly such as a friend or relative who has moved away.  Photo’s can be uploaded instantly for all to see no matter where they live.  I recently met a friend for coffee recently because I saw she was online and we started chatting.

The BAD thing about social media is that many people who previously didn’t voice their concerns are now saying things that they normally wouldn’t say – or are best not to say.  All of us at one point or other have said something they wished they could rewind and take back in.  Those who say they never have are either lying or living in ignorant bliss.

Hostile exchanges have begun because someone let their fingers do the talking or they decided to comment on News Feeds of friends profiles while under the influence of a mind altering substance.  They feel like they’re in control but the consequences of a simple comment can haunt them for time immeasurable – particularly when someone searches your profile to see if you are job or partnership worthy.

Also, social media has become so much of some people’s lives that they continue to spend time on it while at the expense of an employer.  A simple exchange or phone call is usually acceptable in most workplaces but why should someone pay expensive costs, such as wages, for a person who is not producing anything of value?

The UGLY thing about social media is causes problems of rioting, where incorrect information is passed on to people who have nothing to do with an event such as a quiet, controlled protest and causing mass destruction and bloodshed to innocent people.  Parties that run out of control – even if the host didn’t invite any of them or protests where people just hop on board just because they have nothing better to do.

A separate simple protest spread to people camping out for weeks on end in a few countries.  A journalist went around the camp asking people what the protest was about.  Most of them had no clue.

When we have a purpose in life and are living according to that purpose you don’t get distracted easily because your work is like getting paid to do things you enjoy.  Going to work is a pleasure because you get so much satisfaction from it.

This is why I do what I do!

I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people find what their purpose is so that they can enjoy their life.  I love receiving their emails of how they are now more satisfied with themselves and how much easier everything has become as a result.

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