The Way Behind is Clear

What I noticed about this photograph is that the way forward seems to be dark and stormy, while the view in the rear view mirror seems clear and bright.  So much so that sometimes we wish we could go back to those brighter times.

While it seems that the view ahead looks uninviting it is in these times that we experience our greatest amount of growth.  We find a strength or perseverance ability that we didn’t know we had.


It can be easy to live the same day over and over for many years but we already know we are capable of achieving this level.  After a while we get bored with it because it no longer challenges us.

Imagine going to school for twelve years but never leaving grade one.  We would cruise through with the required number of days attended but with no ability to face the world that requires more knowledge and skills than we can manage because we just stayed at an easy level, rather than learning the extra things we need to equip ourselves for a world with a higher demand.

So the road ahead looks like it will be tough but you are tougher.  Whatever the world can throw at you, it cannot out-fox you!  It cannot beat you!  And it cannot trample you ….. unless you let it!

You can sit in the corner and wish for the easy days but that will not make the stormy waters cease. You can scream and thump your hands in disgust as the driving winds feel like it is piercing holes in your skin or you can be brave and rise up, build a windmill to harnesses the water for cleaning and quenching your thirst, and create electricity to cook your food and keep you warm.

Here’s to your fabulous life journey – with all of its stormy days as well as its sunshine.