What if the apple were only a seed?


Imagine an apple right now!

How many uses does this apple possess?  It can be:

  • Eaten as a snack, or even a meal if necessary
  • Cooked into myriad ways to enhance an existing meal
  • Juiced for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages
  • The main object in many games
  • The subject of art projects
  • The skin can be peeled in such a way that it makes beautiful decorations
  • Used to grow many more apples

The apple never tries to be a tomato because it thinks a tomato is more popular.  It never tries to be a grape because the grape is loved by wine makers and drinkers all over the world. And it doesn’t try to be an orange because it is jealous of the vibrant fragrance that freshens a room.  The apple is brilliant at what it does, for its many uses just as it is.

What if the apple was only used for its seeds – to grow more apples.  And if those apples were only used to grow more apples?  What is the point?  There are so many parts of the apple that are not being used.


Is your whole life revolving around holding down a secure job, so that you can procreate and support a family, so that they can grow up and procreate and work? There is so much more of you that is not being used.

Each person has a purpose for their life!  If you are just being like the apple seed


If the apple chooses to only use the apple seed and not allow it to be used for any other purpose then it is ripping everyone off!  It is being selfish because people are hungry, they want the flavour, they want to play, they want to create magnificent art and decorations – not just grow.

Don’t just exist – LIVE!

Find the joy that comes from being everything you were meant to be!

Achieve the Self-Satisfaction that comes from knowing you gave everything you had!

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For a Fabulous Life!