What is between you and happiness?


I love this cartoon by Gavin Aung Than from Zen Pencils.  (We want so many things in life and we often think that we are striving towards them just by saying the words.

Then we discover that after a short time we still don’t have what we wanted or just forget to think about it.  We make excuses for why it never eventuated and we are just “not meant to have it”, or that we are the “type of person” who doesn’t get the good things in life.

I recently picked up a bug that gave me a bit of a cough.  It wasn’t bad so I didn’t do anything about, thinking it would just go away.  I’m not sure why I didn’t look for the lesson in it as, that is the reason that everything happens to us!  There is ALWAYS a lesson or message!

So my little cough got worse and worse until it would attack with such rampage that all of a sudden it would literally take my breath away.  This made me very frustrated and upset of course, and yet using my kinesiology to find the reason seemed to come up with no answers.  It was almost like the more I did it, the worse it got!

Have you ever heard of the saying “you can’t fight fire with fire”?  Most of my life I had been around negative people!  It’s not that they were angry most of the time but in general, they were mostly negative and critical.  A lot of people are, so much so that we don’t realise it because it is the norm until someone who is really happy comes along and they stand out.  We wonder why they are so happy because it is not normal!


So here I was in this uncomfortable situation which had escalated with every cynical or negative comment, question or viewpoint I made on the situation until I had to put a big halt to it.  I regrouped my thoughts and realised that I was in a downward spiral of negativity.  How could I get a positive result when I was so angry and negative?  It’s like trying to put out a fire by pouring oil onto it.

I began to fill my thoughts with positive and healing intention. Even through the night during the three times that I woke up needing to clear the build up of phlegm from my throat, and then think of wonderful points of gratitude while ignoring the rattle in my chest that is so loud it’s like a freight train in my head, while I drift off to ‘peaceful’ sleep.

The morning began much more calm and civilised as I pushed down the usual mumbles of things that weren’t quite right with the world, and replaced them with a new view of the world which is full of wonderful things that are perfect.  I put a post about this here a few short weeks ago.  As I was writing it I thought that I did look at things positively but we have many layers and sometimes we get things on one level but we still have deeper lessons that are not as obvious to us, so we need to get them on those levels as well.

So I thank the Universe for it’s lessons which are sometimes easy, but sometimes they are like our parents snapping at us when we are naughty.  We are loved so much that the harsh lessons must be learnt as well.

How can I be happy if I have an undercurrent of negative or critical viewpoint?  It can’t happen because you get more of what you put out.

Here’s to a happy viewpoint and a Fabulous life!