What is the Real News

I saw a post on social media today where a photo was put up on a person’s own profile and he wrote the accompanying words as if they were his experience of an event that happened last week.  I recognised the photo and had kept it on my computer because I liked it.  The date on it was 2012.  To his credit when someone asked if he took the photo he said No.

One social media site has begun to re-post events and photos that clearly state they were originally posted a year ago, yet friends comment and ask questions as if it was recent.

We live in a technology age where information is put on the internet and is never retrieved.  An age where zillions of websites, social media, apps and games take our attention where old print media and news stations used to enjoy our limited options but now have to take drastic measures just to get our attention for a moment.  This may include fabricating the information or re-hashing old footage that was popular once.

To be successful we need to be aware of what is current and truth – putting up our bullshit detector, and hearing what is being said, but knowing that something could be happening in the other hand that the ‘magician’ doesn’t want us to focus on.

A Fabulous Life is one where we listen to our intuition (our intuitive nature) and make decisions that will lead us in the direction we want to go.