What would your reaction be?

Today I received recognition of great appreciation from my partner.

Yes I’d like my man to go offline for the occasional weekend or six, and I posted a bunch of photo’s on FB of him on his phone with the caption “I went to Sydney and this is what I saw”.  But he’s building a business and at the moment those phone calls during dinner or our conversations are part of the business building phase and are extremely important to him – and therefore are important to me as well, so I let him answer them.

And he knows that when I “take the piss” about him spending an hour on the phone when we have met one of my friends for drinks, there is no malice in it, but just an opportunity to have some fun at his expense.

But for now, he really appreciates that I am patient with these interruptions at this stage of his career because we can both see the bigger picture.

How would you react?

Would you get upset and ask your partner to turn their phone off so you have their undivided attention when it is not “work hours”? Would you then spend endless hours wasting both of your precious time together berating them for the faux pas?

Of course it is important to have some time set aside when you are both unavailable to the outside world and you have the right to expect certain times when it is just the both of you.  And when this time comes – make it count!

Which do you think is better?Would you rather have more time with your partner and they be less successful at their business


Less time with them and more success so that you can enjoy a better life later on?

One of the reasons I have found that causes us to notice a lack of attention from our spouse is because we have a lack in our own life.  When you feel fulfilled in your own life you are not constantly looking at what everyone else is doing that you are not.

Eliza Rose Coaching exposes many reasons for loving relationships to be less of a success and this spills over into success in business.

     Togetherness in loving relationship is success

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A Fabulous Life!