What’s In It For Me


There are many people who are humble however, as they have learned the trait from a parent their understanding of the word and the representation of the act may not have been adequately conveyed and at some point has reduced to self-deprivation.

It is honourable that they don’t want to be conceited or greedy but they often swing the pendulum so far opposite that they lose sight of the line that divides the two humility and subservience.

The solution comes with the discovery of motives!

It’s easy, and pleasurable to do nice things for people.  If your job entails being of service or admin type areas it feels good to be a superstar by juggling many tasks and delivering in a seamless efficiency until it creeps up on you.

It starts with one person handing a simple task onto you, for legitimate reasons, of course.  Then someone goes on holidays and you end up with extra duties!  A person seems quite incompetent at their job, even after making a wonderful impression during the interview.

All of these extra things seemed to have made their way to your desk, until you realise that others in the office have time to “play” and spend time on social media and other time wasting activities, while you are snowed under.

How did this happen?

Even some of the temporary items stayed on your desk while the person whose job it was originally, has returned and not taken their load back.

Of course, you will not rock the boat because you are handling it and you don’t want to appear mean spirited, even though it is now grating on you.

What’s In It For Me?  You ask.  Doing all of this extra work while others get it easy?  Well, more work, of course!

Until you stand up, with honour (that’s not yelling or blaming anyone but standing in your own power) and put yourself first, you will get more of the same.  This is not being greedy!  It is putting yourself and your needs first.

Here’s to being fabulously self-serving!