Your WHAT and Your WHY

Most people will tell you WHAT they do for a living – “I am a carpenter”, “I am a secretary”.  They will tell you the Stoneworkreason they do carpentry or secretarial work is because that’s what they are trained to do.  They may even say that “I became a carpenter because I come from a long line of carpenters so it was natural that I would work in the business”.

These people can’t wait for the weekend – a time to break loose from the drudgery of work so they can party or sleep. And when Monday comes they often find it hard to prize their eyelids apart after the alarm has beeped at them for the umpteenth time.

The same people would tell you a different WHAT if they had a bigger WHY!  A WHY that is from within, rather than from outside of them.

Two stonemason’s were cutting stone on a building site.  A passer-by asked them what they were doing.  One answered “I am cutting stones”, the other answered “I am building a great building that will stand strong a tall for many years”.

What is the difference?  It is passion!  It is knowing the bigger picture so that the small inches that you step each day is not all you see.  Your WHY is a passion that springs from deep inside your heart that brings joy every time you think about it.  It keeps you moving forward when obstacles appear because you think about the bigger picture and this seems to show you a way around the obstacle.

Someone who has passion doesn’t care about weekends and don’t really need an alarm because they can’t wait to get into their day.

Check this video out and I think you’ll really grasp the difference.

The way Amazing Grace was sung was excellent and perfect the first way but the way the same man delivered it the second time brought out something from his very soul.  It was so big that people couldn’t stay seated.


That’s a Fabulous Life!