I’ve never had any healing before, will I still need to go to my doctor afterwards?

A Medical Intuitive & Healer will connect with your sub-conscious to discover the message or reason for your issue and then assist the body heal itself.

If you are not happy with the healing process and feel that you need to see a doctor then do it.  You need to feel that you have done the right thing for your health.

Can I get some healing with Liz Jackson?

Liz Jackson is available for face to face healing by telephone or Skype. You can go HERE.

What’s Different about Eliza Rose Coaching products?

Eliza Rose Coaching produces eBooks which you can download onto your computer to enjoy in the privacy of your own home, or you can take them with you on your laptop, tablet or phone if you prefer.  So What? I hear you say.  The difference is that there are tasks and lessons for you to complete so you can change your internal programming toward successful outcomes.

There are also workshops and potent MP3 files which are designed to make changes, and eliminate unsupportive beliefs, sabotages and blockages to your success. Most people are amazed to learn that they have sabotaging programs which keep them from the Fabulous Life they desire and deserve.

Will this work for everyone?

If you have an open mind and a willingness to do what it takes to get the very best in life you will succeed.  Sometimes I have made a decision and given it very little more thought, and later realised I received exactly what I  wanted.  This takes knowledge in how to  direct your thoughts, however if you are capable of “thought” then you will change.  Many people just meander through life allowing circumstance to take them wherever they end up.  The team at Eliza Rose Coaching will show you how to set a clear direction so that you can life your life with purpose.

Can I get some coaching with Liz Jackson?

The team of experienced Kinesiology, Life Coaches and NLP trainers are available for 1:1 coaching by telephone or Skype to members at HERE.

Where else  can I see Liz Jackson work?

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Life is not the amount of breaths we take,
     but the number of times it takes                                   our breath away
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