Are you a Bigot? Would you rather be happy, with no labels?

A friend on FaceBook recently posted that we could be Bigots and added the Wiki meaning of Bigot, which pretty much covered every thought and comment made about every person who lives, coming under the banner of Bigot.  Here’s the post

You have the right to be a bigot …
A bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person’s opinion, ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic status, or other characteristics. (Wiki)

You can put a name to every thought, disease, fear and characteristic. Or you can just get on with life as you want to live with a healthy discernment of whom you choose to associate with and enjoy life with no labels.

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