Life Without Limits Retreat

Eliza Rose Coaching presents the exclusive seven day retreat Live Your Life Without LimitsLive your Life without Limits is a seven day retreat for savvy women who have realised they are worth more and capable of more.

The savvy woman has the job she is reasonably happy with but it no longer challenges her.  It once satisfied her but, like a lioness in a small cage she feels trapped and limited. In her frustration she begins to question several areas of her life, and her self-esteem begins to take a dive.  This all has a knock on effect to other areas of her life.

Live your Life without Limits retreat will push you through the boundaries of your limits and show you what you are truly capable of.  If you just listed off a few reasons why you can’t take a week away, then you really need to sign up now – this is your sub-conscious fear of changing.  Fear of your true capabilities.

Esteem Leaders is an elite, experiential retreat that encourages her to:


Self-satisfaction is an immensely good feeling of triumph that not many experience because they accept mediocrity, as encouraged by the masses who fear you getting what you want and leaving them behind in the world of dissatisfaction and ordinariness.

When you can no longer endure mediocrity Live Your Life Without Limits retreat will lead the way for you to discover your greatness.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do people accidentally bump me or push in front of me
  • Do I end up cleaning up after everyone else
  • I donate my time and energy even though it leaves me a little exhausted
  • I have a history of major illness in, or around my circle of friends/family
  • I feel that I could achieve more if my situation was better

By the end of the retreat you will have a greater understanding of your capabilities.  You will feel stronger and have more direction for a life that gives you immense satisfaction.