Making money when you’re bogged down in years of tradition

I coached a woman who is from a Greek family.  There is a lot of tradition in this business but it struggles.  Her City Building with Stethascopeparents still work in it and she feels she is stuck and can’t make changes while they are there.  But she can’t throw them out as that would be;

  1. disrespectful
  2. there are parts of it that they still haven’t taught her
  3. they would feel rejected by her

Here is a woman with a very traditional family with ‘struggle’ and ‘getting by’ as part of that tradition, while living in a part of the world where there is opportunity and abundance.  Her whole demeanour showed defeat!

I had given her my business card ages ago and she kept seeing it on her desk for weeks, wanting to call me to coach her but then she would remember the business and how stuck she was, and as a result she couldn’t see how I could help her.

The thing is, when you are in a problem you usually can’t see the solution because you are so enmeshed in the problem.  No matter how many times you run the scene through your head you won’t come up with a solution because all you see is the problem.  By having an outsiders perspective she was able to start making changes right away that would bring more money into the door.

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