Medical Intuitive & Healing

Medical Intuitive & Healing is where the healer understands that we are all one, and she connects to the client’s psyche, also known as the sub-conscious, or the soul, almost as if they were chatting in the same room.  In this dialogue the healer discovers issues or blockages to the client’s forward development.  Sometimes you need to look backward to find why you can’t move forward.

Everything that happens to you is drawn in by you for whatever reason – EVERYTHING!

So, as a Medical Intuitive & Healer, Liz Jackson connects with your sub-conscious and discovers the reason why you chose to experience your pain, issues, beliefs or whatever situation you have found yourself in.

Because she has experienced many issues herself, she has built programs and ways to speed up the healing or eliminating these issues so that you can live your life as you want, feeling the way you want!

That’s a Fabulous Life!

Here’s a testimonial:

Stephanie said:  I knew Liz was a medical intuitive, but I had no idea she could heal my ailments as well as diagnose them! And SO fast. A couple of things I’ve struggled with for years – she fixed in about 2 minutes! I felt the difference immediately! Part of me still can’t believe it. She was spot on with her insights as to the underlying cause of my issues. I thoroughly recommend booking a treatment, especially for any illnesses that you’ve had no answers for anywhere else.

Sheena realised that sometimes we have to tell it like it is:   I just finished a sub conscious clearing with Liz and talk about a slap in the face!!! Just what I needed to hear and her delivery was caring, thoughtful and very warming. Thanks Liz for you encouraging words and most of all the wake up call I desperately needed!!!

How much better could your life be?

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Medical Intuitive For Your Business - Just as a person can have blocks that limit their forward personal success, our business can also be limited by past issues & beliefs.

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