Testimonials for Healing with Liz Jackson of Eliza Rose Coaching

I love having raving fans – not only their gorgeous testimonials but also because they send more clients like themselves

Here are Stephanie’s words: 

I knew Liz was a medical intuitive, but I had no idea she could heal my ailments as well as diagnose them!  And SO fast.  A couple of things I’ve struggled with for years – she fixed in about 2 minutes!  I felt the difference immediately!  Part of me still can’t believe it. She was spot on with her insights as to the underlying cause of my issues.

I thoroughly recommend booking a treatment, especially for any illnesses that you’ve had no answers for anywhere else.


Simply said by Yvette S:

Thank you so much Liz for your gift of reaching into my subconscious and clearing patterns I have set up that were sabotaging my life. I can now look forward to living with more balance


Alishia is a raving fan: 

I want to recommend Eliza Rose Coaching . Liz was able to help me open up channel blocks in my life. That i never knew existed and open my eyes on how to become more self sufficient. She also showed me a way to be self employed as well to help keep my medical benefits. I highly recommend Liz to anyone who may be going through rough times and needs channel blocks lifted from them.


Sheena loved her wake up call and said this: 

I just finished a sub conscious clearing with Liz and talk about a slap in the face!!! Just what I needed to hear and her delivery was caring, thoughtful and very warming. Thanks Liz for you encouraging words and most of all the wake up call I desperately needed!!!


Mell is so gorgeous. She says:

The power of our minds is so complex, we don’t know what’s going on under the hood.  Liz has been helping me clear blocks I didn’t even know I had!  We carry baggage and let’s be honest lots of BS around with us without realising. The subconscious must be worked with to realise our fullest potential.

Liz can support you in a non-judgemental, quick and surprisingly easy way.  Do yourself and your future a favour, ask about her services.  I’m reaching greater heights with her on my team!


Anna M shared this:

Well finance have come to a junction of decision. And yes the regret of leaving my job hit hard.  However, after all this frustration, disappointment and indecision, …. A solution has easily presented itself.  I’m now relaxed but motivated to stay moving ahead in my business financially.  Ahhhhh I feel confident now, thank you so much liz your rating and clearing was brilliant. X


Mary had this to say:

I was recently given a recommendation to contact Liz.

I have been looking for resolution to a number of issues for some time.

The first one is my osteoarthritis and a bent knee that had its origins in a fall I had over 30 years ago that is bone on bone. It has been painful and has been affecting my leg, hips and back when I walk plus sleeping has been an issue. The prognosis was a total knee replacement, not something I was keen on especially with the associated risks.

I have found Liz to be extremely generous and diligent when it came to dealing with my knee. She has cleared a lot of negative energy around my knee and sent me a message the other day to that she had cleared some more energy and my knee should not cause me pain when I walk.

Well today was the day. We had an issue on the farm. The ground is incredibly uneven and as a consequence I don’t venture into the paddocks with the cattle and horses very often but had to this morning.

My immediate thought was oh well this will be a real test. The good news is no pain or additional swelling , woohoo. I’m rapt.

The other issue was my son’s cancer. He had a very aggressive secondary tumour.

The chemo regime was aggressive and was shocking from his perspective but also from a parent’s perspective. He had three cycles with the first cycle blood tests not showing any improvement. By the time the second cycle results came back there was improvement.

At the time that I mentioned his situation to Liz he was just starting Cycle 3.

The other day he got the blood test back. There is no trace of the cancer and his blood test is so good that don’t want do another PET scan CT scan and blood test for three months…best Christmas Present ever.

I can’t thank Liz enough.


Kathryn was delighted with a bonus of helping her mother.

Liz Jackson worked with me (and my mummy today just out of the goodness of her heart). I found Liz to be extremely warm and friendly and made us both feel at ease. She was able to get to the route of the problem in a matter of minutes and was spot on !!!! what a wonderful experience just what I needed to here and it’s given me a clear vision of what I need to do !!!! WONDERFUL experience and I am very grateful xxxxx


Sara was delighted with a follow up call:

MASSIVE thanks to you, Liz! I’ve been working my way through some money issues that have come up over the past couple months. When I started on this journey to leave my career and start my own business, I had the mindset that my savings needed to last one year, because I’d be up and running by then. Hitting that year mark AND hitting the wall has been rough. Liz was able to tap into family patterns around money (through a distance session) and talk my higher self through letting go of the programming. I immediately felt a ball of energy well up in my body that I was able to release…onward and upward from here!

Here’s some follow up remarks from Sara:

Thanks for checking Liz!!  This is awesome, I’ve never had a follow up before! J Our session was the first of a lot of work I have done since around money…..It was like opening the door for me to step into that energy, and continue to eradicate the other layers underneath.  So, I can’t say it was just our session that “made the difference” but It was 100% catalyst for everything that has shifted for me over the past three weeks.  It feels like I’ve lived a lifetime since then!  Lol.  I literally JUST started making money within the past week and have had WAY more inquiries and contacts from new people and ppl liking my page.