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718085_heart I’ve had a few clients come for healing with me recently because they have been concerned for the way their parent lived in their older years and they don’t want to repeat their patterns. In cleaning up the parent’s house they find a drawer full of different bottles and pills for everything under the sun, and there is very little finances left to their name.

As we take on many of the traits, beliefs and rules from our parents, the children find that they are in line for a future that is dismally similar. Since realising my gift as a Medical Intuitive and Healer I am finding that all of the issues and illnesses we think are just “a part of getting old” are quite preventable.

When I was little I used to create headaches to get my dad’s attention. That sounds silly – why would I create pain to get attention? We will do all kinds of things and mostly, it is not a conscious decision. My dad would work long hours to support his eight hungry mouths, so when he came home after everyone had gone to bed, I would come and tell him that I had a headache. I hated the pain and I hated having my temples rubbed, but he would sit me on his lap and rub them – this was my special time with my father with no-one else around to take his attention from me.

I also often find blockages and limitations in financial health with my clients as well. Just yesterday one of my clients was doing everything she had learned how, to be a success in her business. I’ve never seen anyone put as much effort in as this woman. In one session we discovered that as a 11 year old she had done something she wasn’t proud of. Because of that she couldn’t allow herself to be rewarded with success as an adult.

As we try different businesses of our own, be it a franchise or a start-up, we may find that things aren’t working out the way we expected; the way others seem to achieve success.

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