There are hundreds of thousands of Coaches throughout the world but you found us.  You’re here because you are ready to have a better life and the Eliza Rose Coaching team provide the most potent programs to help you get it.

As a Medical Intuitive and Healer, Liz Jackson has kicked out the walls of limited thinking towards what is possible in regard to healing and making positive changes to your life.  A medical doctor asks you what your symptoms are and makes a diagnosis according to what he has learnt from other people.  A medical intuitive goes right to the source of the problem to find out how complete healing can be attained.

Each person has individual ways they prefer to receive their healing and learning, so Eliza Rose Coaching have provided many avenues for you to get the desired method for you.


Here are the ways and means to getting your desired outcome:


Overweight? (or underweight) – This is our specialty.  Food or lack of movement are not the culprit and in our signature three-day event you will discover all of the ways we prove this   Find out more …….


Relationships are a passion of ours.  Not just your primary partner but your relationships with your children, work situation and the most important relationship of all – the one with yourself.   Find out more …….

Healing for your Business

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to your workplace or company.  A combination of Healing and Coaching can uncover major issues that prevent the success you desire   Find out more …….

Healing for Yourself

The outreaching effects of your behaviour and limited thinking can begin with something said while you were in the womb or something seen on the television.  In one session you can unlock the cause of:  lack of money, difficulty falling pregnant or carrying to full term, allergies, sleeping issues, etc  Find out more …….

Automated Healing

WHAT?!?!  A one-time re-programming of the rules, limited beliefs and sabotages, so that you begin to attract money, sleep better, self-esteem.  The list is endless.  Find out more…..


Sometimes it’s fun to get together and have a holistic healing experience in an exotic location with some gorgeous gals in a party very serious luxury atmosphere.  We’ve got you covered here too.  Find out more …….


Eliza Rose Coaching - Results bigger than expected

The Burj Kahlifa in Dubai is a perfect example of results exceeding expectations.  The plans originally catered for an 808 metre tower however, the building now tapers to over 828 m in height. [1]

This is a unique opportunity to re-write how your story progresses from this point.  

Life will never be the same again

Right now you have three options:

  • Option 1 – Just as we here at Eliza Rose Coaching did, you can spend thousands of dollars, go to lots of seminars, spend hours in therapy, read through endless amounts of books and talk to scores of people who will give you conflicting information which you must sort through to find what works for you (trust us, this is a very frustrating, long-term strategy)
  • Option 2 – You can do nothing at all and be increasingly frustrated at your life: where you haven’t gone; where you could be now; and what your future looks like – basically the same as now
  • Option 3 – You can shortcut your experience, clear out the rules, beliefs and limitations that have kept you in “survival” mode, and set yourself free – just by choosing the right product by Eliza Rose Coaching that will give the you the outcome you desire, in the shortest time.

Just like every other choice in your life this choice is up to you!

Easy Natural Weight workshop helps you get you to your natural weight without diet or exercise


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Five Reasons Why You NEVER Have to Diet Again

[1] Ref: https://www.iabse.org