Eliza Rose Coaching have fun, experiential events in classroom format, luxury retreats and by video. Choose what type of event suits you.Eliza Rose Coaching are excited to present these incredible events:

Liz Jackson has taken the common issues that clients have brought to her and created the most potent, life-changing workshops, retreats and video workshop series possible so you can achieve the greatest success.

All workshops are designed to bring out the best in you while having fun, building long-lasting friendships and supporting you to have the kind of life that most only dream about.  You are capable of having that dream. 

We call it A Fabulous Life!

  Easy Natural Weight is the most natural way to get rid of far forever

Easy Natural Weight


       Never Diet again         




Eliza Rose Coaching provides guidance for a successful career and A Fabulous Life

It’s All About Me

Online Workshop

Dreams, Direction and 

A Fabulous Life




 Live Your Life Without LImits is for the Savvy Woman when Normal is no longer good enough

Live Your Life Without Limits


Leadership; Self-Satisfaction